Singer, Songwriter & Dancer

Personal belief remains the key ingredient to project such raw and real emotion on the mic.


With show-stopping range, unfiltered lyrics, and undeniable power, AV embraces this level of confidence in his music. Amassing over 20 million streams and receiving acclaim from BET, Medium, and many others, he introduces himself with a newfound freedom in 2020 fostered by producer and collaborator Harmony Samuels [Chris Brown, Ariana Grande]. “As an artist, I’m free to be who I am now,” he exclaims. “That comes through in what I’m doing. I realized I don’t have to please anybody else. I’m the most refined artist I’ve ever been. I feel like I’ve grown so much. People are going to feel it one way or another.”

The Connecticut native spent his entire life working towards this moment. Encouraged by his family, he went from singing at McDonald's every Wednesday to dropping a series of independent releases, culminating with On Top of the World in 2012. A year later, music legend Clive Davis personally signed him. Throughout 2015, he made headlines, performing at the BET Awards and dropping “Change My Mind” [feat. Migos]. The latter impressively racked up 7.7 million Spotify streams and cemented a fervent fan base around him. Going independent, he maintained his momentum on 2018’s FYI EP before dropping the 8:34 EP in 2019. The latter received acclaim from Rap-Up, Soul Bounce, and more right out of the gate. Along the way, he continued to cross paths with Samuels until the two linked up in the studio to craft AV’s 2020 project. In the process, he crystallized a signature style.

“At the core, it’s emotional, sexy, sensual, and hip-hop-heavy R&B,” he declares. “I’m singing to females with a hard-hitting sound. That’s the vibe. It’s happier and upbeat. It feels fresh to me. It’s what I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember.”

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